FO – Twisted Flower Socks

Here they are, in all their cable-popping glory.

Twisted Flower Socks by Cookie A Finished Object

My apologies for the poor lighting. The sun simply did not come out to play today. It seems a shame to cover up these guys with shoes. In fact, they are so much fun to wear that I almost feel compelled to wear nothing but these socks… but something tells me that if I did that, peoples’ attention may not be directed towards my socks.

Twisted Flower Socks by Cookie A
Oh the things we make knitters do, sighed the socks

Yesterday and this afternoon I was working in Castleknock playing for flute exams. I like it when the exams I play for are all together because I play for ten minutes, knit for twenty, play for another ten minutes, knit for another twenty… and so on until I get paid and go home. Today, I brought my Thermal sleeve with me.

Thermal Knitty Winter 2007 Surprise - WIP

I love how the increases grow naturally out from the centre. I have removed the body of Thermal from cold storage and have left it on the table to egg me on to finish the darned thing. I thought to myself, it’s summertime, I don’t need a warm snug top! Try telling that to my dead capillaries (lost tragically in the Great Freeze of 1998 when, in my 16 years of wisdom, I never wore enough clothes and contracted Irish Female Syndrome. IFS can be quickly identified by repeated and persistent complaints of being cold…all the time).

Obviously, there is only so much sleeve knitting one can do so I dug out my Cashsilk top and it has now become a race to the finish!

Laines du Nord Cashsilk Top

I totally overestimated how many bust darts I’d completed – I picked it up this evening thinking that I could jump straight in with some armholes only to find that it was 3 inches shorter than expected. Well, now I’m ready to jump in with some armholes (don’t quote me on that). I’m hoping to get it finished by Sunday in time to start my Summer Sweater Sprint on Monday. More on that tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “FO – Twisted Flower Socks

  1. i didn’t know about IFS. can you get it if you’re American?? (perhaps that’d be AFS) i’ve spent the vast majority of my life being cold. the slightest breeze, even in warm weather, will get me scrambling for a hoodie. in this 80+ degree weather we’re having right now, it’s not a problem, except when i’m in the AC. 🙂

  2. i love the pattern stitch your using in the Thermal do you know what the stitch is called?
    the socks are FAB 🙂

  3. The socks are so cool! They’re beautiful!
    Let me know how it turns out if you do end up wearing only the socks. You should at least take something to cover the seat on the bus.

    I’m cheering for Thermal.

  4. GORGEOUS socks. You bugger – the list to be on Ravelry for in the queue is getting very very long…

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