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I cannot possibly begin to describe the week I’ve been having. It’s not so much that I’m busy but, as Alb so succinctly put it last night, things that should be ordinary end up being very dramatic. I have some fun news though, but I’m going to hang on to it until closer to the time (no, sorry, I’m not getting married).

I have my chamber music exam today. Chamber music is playing in a group of two or more people. Personally, chamber music is the best aspect of my course. It’s fun, it’s challenging, you meet new people, and really, it’s all about the fun of making music together. Due to the wide variety of instruments-in-training at the Academy, there are always unusual ensembles. Today is part two of the chamber exams and they are open to the public. If you feel in the mood for some brilliant percussion ensembles – including the rarely-performed Bartók piece for percussion and two pianos, some song cycles and a rather folky Russian trio, drop into the Academy on Westland Row. The exams kick off at about 5pm in the hall, with a different group on every half hour. You can wander in and out as you wish and it is free.

Between chamber music and what can be accurately described as a 36 hour panic attack over my concerto, there have been waves. Many waves!

Who is the waviest of them all?

I only cracked open my second ball of Kidsilk Haze (love that stuff!) last night, so this is going to be quite a monster. Still, my plan was for mum to be able to double it up as a really cozy scarf for the depths of winter as well as use it for a wrap. I am itching to get back to all of my other knitting! I can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “Wave hello

  1. good luck on your exam, and thanks for the charmed knits review, that helped me decide i would give the book a miss as it really didnt have what i was looking for in it to knit. also the scraf/wrap is looking great!

  2. That’s gorgeous! All this stuff happening is very exciting 🙂

    Good luck again, but let’s face it, you’ll do well 🙂

  3. Look forward to seeing your mum model the wrap/scarf. It lopoks great. That other item of news must be very exciting! Good luck at exam.

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