Things are busybusy chez Neels these days. I’m playing in a chamber music concert this afternoon in the Academy. It’s a dry run for our exam on Thursday. I really enjoy the piece we’ve prepared – a Khachaturian trio – and I think we play well together. I’ve been battling on and off with a cold all week. Yesterday was a bit rough because I felt very unwell but still managed to get through about five hours of practice.

You can’t work all the time though, so I have been knitting onto my mum’s shawl during break time.

This is quite a large-scale lace pattern. The repeat is spread over 36 rows, and I have only completed two and a half repeats so far. It’s growing nicely though, and I think it will look fantastic when I’ve finished it.

Nothing else on the go since I finished my Jitterbug socks! I’m looking forward to finishing off my ten or so UFOs after my exams 😀 I have four sweaters that are missing a sleeve. Two weeks sounds like a long time to wait, but hopefully it will be over before I know it. I probably won’t have very much knitting to show over the next while so my plan is to write up some book reviews. I have received a lot of books over the last month and think most of them are worthwhile reviewing. First up: a review of Charmed Knits! A must for every Harry Potter Knitter out there!

3 thoughts on “Waves

  1. I love the waves on your mom’s shawl!
    And hope you feel better soon. It’s miserable to get a cold in warm weather. I guess colds are miserable in any weather, but when it’s warm out you might not want to think about hot soup or hiding under blankets.

  2. excellent cant wait to read your HP book review as it sounds like something i would buy.
    p.s hope your cold gets better.

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