In it for the money

No knitting to show today, and I will probably give Knitting Group in town a miss today too. How come? Well, yesterday I played in a piano competition and won a five-figure sum 😀 Today I am going to wallow in the glory and, to be honest, relief of having won. If I hadn’t won the money I doubt I could have continued my piano studies. But at least now I’m sorted out for the next few years. I’m one step closer to being Dr. Knitting Neels!

Instead of knitting I have been looking at other peoples’ knitting! I came across two interesting looking vintage patterns. Here’s one of a halter top and another of a groovy cardigan. I’m having trouble containing a fresh wave of startitis.

16 thoughts on “In it for the money

  1. Well there you go – I’ve had to put down the sock I am knitting to leave you my sincere CONGRATULATIONS!!
    That’s brilliant news!

  2. Well done YOU! Of course we would have loved to have congratulated you at knitting group, but certainly understand you enjoying the wallowing at home!

  3. Oh my – congratulations 🙂 Just when things seemed perhaps a bit off – you can now know that you ARE doing JUST what you should be in life – and apparently your judges knew it too! 🙂

  4. YAY YOU! Well done petal! It’s about bloody time they gave you some money after all that hard work 😀

  5. I’m so proud! Congratulations and much applause!

    Are you sure SOME of the prize money shouldn’t buy some yarn?


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    Congrats on your win!

  7. Hi Aileen,

    I do a weekly column in the Irish Times Saturday magazine called “I made it myself” and wonder would you talk to me for a piece on your knitting. My email is as above and I can send you my mobile number if you would like to do it.

    Thanks a million
    Catherine Cleary

  8. Well Aileen, I know I am a bit late but only looked at your blog today. Many Congratulations to you, well done. Wonderful!!

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