Knit Night

I went along to my first Knit Night at This is Knit this evening. It was great fun. I finished up in college around 540, had some tea and headed on out at my leisure. There was a nice turn out. We had tea and squashed fly biscuits* and there was much yak about wool, patterns and things in general. I didn’t take any photos because I didn’t have my camera with me, but Lisa took pictures.

What a great way to get the drudgery knitting done! I have been slowly churning out the worst part of the Puff Sleeved Cardigan for the past two days now – the bit where you’re increasing for the sleeves. The last few rows are the worst because I had nearly to 370 stitches.

I got there in the end, though. Tomorrow I have the wonderful job of putting those sleeves onto waste yarn and continuing on my merry way to the waist shaping. Once I got that done, I dug out my backup project.

This is the Colinette Mohair I picked up in Galway a few weeks ago. Aren’t the colours just great? I thought it would make a lovely spring shawl, so I’m just doing a basic triangle shape with yarn-over increases up the middle. Knit on 10mm needles, this is a really quick knit, but I don’t give it much attention.

I’ve been dipping in and out of my Jaywalker, too. I keep this only for bus knitting and turned the heel on my way out to Blackrock this evening.

There’s something about turning a heel that makes you want to show someone. There was a woman sitting beside me on the bus but she had headphones on so I hesistated. Then luckily for her I realised the next stop was mine 🙂

The new Hipknits stuff came in just this week to the shop so I had a lot of fun admiring it – an aran weight hand-dyed silk, and sock-weight hand-dyed pure cashmere. Check them out here.
I just may be tempted by the hand-dyed silk – great yardage for the price of it.

There’s some other fun news, too, but it’s going to get a post of its own!

*Shortcake biscuits with raisins in them. Don’t they look like squashed flies to you?

2 thoughts on “Knit Night

  1. Heh, that’s funny about the sock and the heel! I keep only straight knitting with me on the bus, so that’s never happened to me yet. Maybe I should try a sock sometime…
    Hope it’s ok, I’ll link you to my page: I really like yours.

  2. I discovered the other day that squashed fly biscuits mean something different in Ireland to England! To me, squashed fly biscuits are Garibaldi biscuits, but they’re shortbread with currants to Irish people! Who knew?

    Hello, by the way – I’m Glitz’s girlfriend and I’ve checked your journal out before but never commented. Love the Rosy Shrug!

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