More plans than progress

Nothing like a hat to take the edge off.


All I need to do is a crochet edging and maybe some i-cords for the ear-flaps. I still have about a third of my ball left over – pretty good going!

I got back to cranking out my Puff Sleeved Cardigan last night. I didn’t get to spend very long at it but I got into the section for the sleeve increases. The good thing about this mindless back-and-forth knitting is that it gives me time to think about other things. Last night’s thinking was about the Cashsilk top. It’s going to be pretty simple so I want the construction to be good. After a lot of mulling – usually on the purl rows because they go so slowly – I decided on a few things. A seed stitch hem. Waist shaping via hip and bust darts. Simple crochet edging at the neckline and armholes. That should do it.

5 thoughts on “More plans than progress

  1. Wow! Crocheting, finishing, sleeving, planning, designing. I’d say that’s multi-tasking at its finest! ‘Good on ya!’ from the painfully slow and single-track knitter……

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