Every cup needs a shrug, right?

Sorry about the lack of posts. See above for the reason why! It’s not that I have been really busy – I’ve had much worse years than this one – but I have been concentrating really hard on my two competition programmes. I have this one piece that I am refusing to get the better of me. I’m playing it tomorrow night and on one hand, I’m feeling a little apprehensive about it because I haven’t played it in public before, and on the other hand, I want to do myself justice and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter at all.

There hasn’t been much knitting 🙁 The ribbing on the shrug is done, all I have to do is cast off! I have been doing a little work on a Thermal sleeve too. I’ve finished the increases and am now working straight.

If it appears to you to be a little on the narrow side, then you’d be right. It is extremely close fitting (I tried it on). I didn’t think I’d like such a snug fit for a sleeve, but for this one, I do!

I’ve taken part in a pen-pal swap over at Swap-Bot. I’ve been into pen pals since forever. I remember getting involved in this european ‘bank’ of penpals. You’d send in your details along with a pound or two and your preferred country of origin for your penpal, and you’d get back these little slips of paper with addresses on them. Off went some letters and stickers and if you were lucky, you got some back. I had a great penpal in Sweden when I was about 12 called Camilla. We wrote back and forth a lot. I wonder where she’s at now! Anyway, for this swap, you send a letter to two different people, and you receive a letter from two other people, so in all you end up with four contacts. I read the profiles of the two people I wrote to and I’m not sure how we will get on. During the week, I received my two letters and they’re from two very different but very cool people! I’m looking forward to seeing if a long-term penpalship will develop from any of them.

So tomorrow I think I’ll write some letters back, get some knitting done and prepare for my competition in the evening. I can’t wait to get back to my knitting! I go one whole day without knitting something and I’m in bits. Bits, I tell ya.

4 thoughts on “Every cup needs a shrug, right?

  1. When I lived in Germany, I signed up for a penpal through a Garfield comic book. Apparently, they reran penpal ads in that comic for several years, because the guy who wrote back was 19 (I was 16) and had completely forgotten that he’d sent out that penpal thing. Hehe!

  2. I’ve been such a bad commenter lately, due to lack of energy and you know… the things that go with ‘the good news’. Thanks so much for your wishes! Great to know that you’re still checking in on my blog every now and then.
    Love the shrugs, what patterns are they? I used to have a bunch of penpals in the UK and I loved writing and recieving letters. I’ve lost track of all of them. Your story reminded me to use the modern tool of Google to see if I can track them down again! Have fun writing, playing and knitting! 🙂

  3. Speaking of penpals (very nice knitting by the way), my mother-in-law received a pen pal in London during WW2 when she was about 8. She’s kept that pen pal for lo, these many years! As young women they would cross the Atlantic for periodic visits and send each other Christmas boxes. What a great treat to open the England box! This long-distance relationship has been maintained through the growing of the families, grandchildren, etc. In fact, when the in-laws were visiting us in Dublin this past January, the UK penpals made a quick trip over for yet another reunion.

    Wow, I hope you get a pen pal like that……it’s a very cool thing.

  4. Sorry things are so hectic for you! I must say I love the way you composed that picture of your thermal sleeve! Very cool!

    I hope you get a great pen pal!

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