The best laid plans gang aft astray

And astray did they gang! I had it all planned out – do my work in the morning and then nip out to This is Knit to pick up a few odds and ends I need, drop off the Rosy shrug, have a squeeze/rub/smell of the new Laines du Nord Cashsilk (I can’t be the only one who smells wool? Errrrr… and in case I’m alarming Lisa and all other wool shop owners in the country, by smelling I mean just the inhaling bit)… you know, replenishing my yarniness.

Unfortunately some things happened that I hadn’t counted on. One was the weather. When I came downstairs at 9 o’clock it was snowing, and although the snow did stop, it didn’t warm up at all. I don’t mind the cold per se but with a gale force wind coming straight from the north pole (no, really) I really didn’t want to go out in it. Then, I actually didn’t bank on feeling pretty tired today! Yesterday was a bit nutty with the travelling and the stress and the falling asleep in Rathgar church and nearly being late for my piano lesson and the running down the Garville road (I need some tea just from typing that). And of course, once I got stuck into my work today, I realised that I had a lot I needed to do.

But there’s always knitting and I’ve been really ploughing through Thermal. I’m nearly finished the increases on my first sleeve.

For some reason it doesn’t feel like such a curse, this sleeve knitting. I think I’ve managed to trick myself because I haven’t finished the body yet. I am amusing myself, too, by fitting the increases into the pattern.

I am very nearly finished the back of the body. Here it is with two strategically-placed cards in lieu of boobs.

This is my way of showing you two fairly boring things together! The cards are for Dublin Feis Ceoil. It is an annual classical music festival with lots of competitions. Most counties have their own feiseanna (and fleadhs too, but a Fleadh Ceoil is for trad music), and they’re a great way to meet new people. Complain as I do about playing the piano, it’s good to do well in the Feis, and this week I’ll be abandoning everything else for my two competitions. It’s an intense time. I’m going to have a lesson every day this week, including Saturday, so you’ll have to excuse me today for being more piano and less knitting.

That said though, I am *very* nearly finished my little Rosy shrug.

This is the ribbing around the body. I’m going to make it fairly long…. I’m really looking forward to finishing this up! I would love to get the whole thing finished by Wednesday – photos, pattern and the finished item. We’ll see!

2 thoughts on “The best laid plans gang aft astray

  1. I smell wool/yarn too, don’t think you are alone there!
    You are really makiong great inroads into Thermal, I haven’t even started thinking about what yarn to use(IF I ever get round to making it).
    Staying in and knitting on a day like yesterday is definately the way to go. We were in Clare with a storm raging around us all weekend. It was nice actually believe it or not!

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