Home again, home again jiggedy-jig

I took my chance and ran off home before anyone from college could ring up and stop me. Ha! Three blissful hours on the train this morning with a hot cup of tea resulted in this.

I know it doesn’t make much sense to look at but the little rectangle missing in the middle is where the button bands will go. The rest of the front which is on waste yarn at the moment will be knit up later as Left Front and Right Front (the ultimate knitter’s test of whether we really know right from left). What my needles are holding there at the back is, well, the back. Once I got the armholes sorted out, things really started zipping along. I re-started that sleeve, by the way. The ladders in the ribbing were just ridiculous. I have about six inches of it knit but I forgot to take a photo of it. Trust me, all sleeves look the same.

Yesterday, I finished up the ribbed cuffs on Rosy. Now all I have to do is the ten miles of ribbing around the body 😉 Ah, it’s not that much.

…And that’s about it, really. It’s been a crap week for me so far, but things are much better now that I am home. Mmm. I feel scones coming on.

One thought on “Home again, home again jiggedy-jig

  1. Thermal keeps looking warmer and warmer. It was up in the 50s earlier this week (early spring weather), but today the weather report says it’s below freezing again. Tomorrow it’s supposed to go above, though. I guess that means spring is on its way.

    At any rate, Thermal looks so very gorgeous. Maybe I could make some socks with that stitch.

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