Much better than doing the hoovering

Behold! I give you an inch and a half of Thermal placket!

She measured, and it was good

The pattern says to make the placket two inches long before putting in the armholes, but I think I will make mine two and a half, if not three. This is a two-pronged attack! Firstly, I want it to be a little bit longer and secondly, I want to have three buttons and not two. Buttons – for me – come in odd numbers. You know, three or five or seven. I like the idea of there being one central button with an even number of buttons on either side. God I sound crazy.

Moving on… here’s the beginning of a Thermal sleeve. The dpns, buttons and new scissors were a little treat yesterday. The needles are Pony bamboo. I’ve worked with aluminium and plastic dpns and I’m not usually biased, but when it comes to the smaller sizes of double pointed needles, I love bamboo. When I was in Berlin last summer, I treated myself to a set of bamboo 2.5mm needles for sock knitting. They were €8! But considering that I have loved knitting every pair of sock since with them, they were worth every penny. I hope these 3mm ones will give me as much joy.

I’m getting ladders between needles which is a bit annoying. I might rip it out and start it again. I haven’t gotten ladders in about two years so I don’t know why I’m getting them now.

Nearly finished the first cuff on the shrug!

I tried it on last night after I’d knitted two inches of 2×2 ribbing. I think in the pattern I will recommend about 4 inches of ribbing on each sleeve, but just so’s you know, I’m going to knit at least six inches on these sleeves to cover my big long orangutan arms. The nice thing is that it works up pretty quickly.

Isn’t it lovely to see that spring sun? All I want to do is take off with my knitting bag and wander around the Botanic Gardens and find a good knitting spot for a few hours. Where would you go with your knitting on a day like today?

5 thoughts on “Much better than doing the hoovering

  1. Thermal looks great! I love that pattern but seriously doubt my sanity would make it though all that knitting on such tiny yarn & needles! I can’t wait to see yours all done!

    Oh your shrug is looking heavenly! What yarn is that?

  2. If I could teleport, I’d go to the edge of Lough Derg in Killaloe, knit in the sunshine, and then stop off for some Chowder in Goosers too… (highly recommended for anyone who is in the area) 🙂 Locally? Ardgillan Park is supposed to be pretty…

    The shrug is looking amazing! I am so looking forward to seeing it in real life. Thanks so much again for lending us your talent 🙂

  3. I would definately go to Clare. Knitting time in the car on the way down (provided someone else is driving of course) then knitting on the swing chair in the back garden, glass of wine/beer/tea (delete as appropriate to time of day)sitting beside me, neglected.

  4. I have a pair of the Stork snips. They are wonderful, if not a bit on the dangerous side. I’ve had them poke through bags and into other things (me primarily) if I’m not careful.
    The Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana) is a beautiful campus. That’s where I’d take my knitting.

  5. That black and purple yarn looks absolutely yummy! And double props for the teeny tiny gauge on them!! I was thinking about knitting Knitty’s Thermal, but it really is getting kind of warm lately…

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