Springing Forward

As my sister reminded me, those of you in North America will be springing forward tonight! We, on the other hand, have to wait until March 22nd. However this doesn’t stop me from trying to spring along with you (in fact, it sort of ties in nicely with my inability to tell time). Yesterday I was destroyed from basically working three twelve hour days in a row, and much of it was spent asleep. I’m back to my old self today though and making up for lost time.

Much of my springing has gone into my Rosy shrug. This is a very simple construction. I start off with one sleeve, then put some stitches on waste yarn at the underarm and continue straight across the back. When I reach the other underarm, I cast on the extra stitches I need and continue on knitting the other sleeve. I have just started on the second sleeve.

I can’t believe I thought I might make it through on just one ball of KSN. I’ll get the body of the shrug out of one ball no problem, but I’d say the ribbing will take most of the second ball. Oh well, it’s still only two balls for an entire garment.

Yesterday I got loads and loads done on my Thermal. Now I’m finally ready to divide for the placket! No pictures because the body still looks the same, only an inch longer. I tell ya, an inch in waffle stitch is no mean feat. It’s real stamina knitting, this one. I don’t feel so bad about it now though because I finished my blue socks today. Yay!

Now before any of you kind souls feel the need to tell me that my feet are two different sizes – I know. My right foot is a half size smaller than my left. Although I love the comedy effect my feet have (sometimes things get a bit slow chez neels), they make it very difficult for me to buy shoes. I love shoes! But I’m usually restricted to lace ups or boots. This is a pain because a lot of the time, I have to walk a good bit when playing at gigs, and it’s great to wear runners there and have your shoes in your bag. I only have two pairs of gig shoes that I can throw in my bag and I have to spare them because it is a frigging odyssey trying to get a pair that fit both feet and don’t come off when I’m playing (it’s happened).

I finished the first half of my Ribwarmer. I’m really pleased with how it came out!

I can’t even begin to describe the construction… the little tab you see in the distance of the photo there is actually part of the collar! It shall all become clear in the near future.

I’d better go and do some hoovering before I’m attacked by one of the dust monsters downstairs.

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