In like a lion…

I have only five and a half inches more to go before I get to divide for the placket!

I am Thermal, hear me roar!

I’m saving my perseverance for the sleeves. The body is worth sticking it out because of arm holes, plackets and neck shaping. Sleeves, they got nothing.

To counteract the 3mm-ness of Thermal, I cast on for yet another beret. I always feel like I should be wearing a blue-and-white striped shirt when I pick it up.

Moi, j’aime les onions et les promenades longues dans la pluie

I have some news. Lynn Ross, with whom I took the Aran Knitting class last November, is returning Yarn in Galway on March 10th. She will be running a lace workshop from 11-4pm and you can find out more details here. I would love to go but I am just too busy at the moment 🙁 Maybe another time.

I’ve been digging out lots of new knitting podcasts – just type “Knitting” into the search box at Podcast Alley to see just how many are out there. I have been downloading lots and when I get a chance to listen to some of them, I will put the details up on the Knitting Podcasts page.

PS: The toilet seat has disappeared. Did they come back for it? Or did an opportunist run off with it? How does one ‘run off’ with a toilet seat? They’re pretty heavy (not that I picked it up or wondered about bringing it home or anything).

One thought on “In like a lion…

  1. When I was 19, I found that my mom kept a spare toilet seat in the storage closet under the stairs in the basement. One day, as I walked by the bathroom where she was cleaning, she leaned out and said, “Kristen! Go downstairs and get a new toilet seat from under the stairs!”

    Since you never disobey Mom while she’s cleaning, even if you’re 19, I went downstairs and found 3 or 4 seats.

    She has been traveling a lot over the past few years, but never to Ireland, and I’ve never known her to take the seats with her. I wonder if her Doppelgänger lives in Ireland.

    Thermal is looking better than lovely, with its waffles (hungry again now) and warm plumminess.

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