February 24, 2007

Socks and cheese

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My commuting blue sock had the pleasure of sharing my handbag with cheese, eggs and a big bunch of scallions this morning because I forgot to bring my shopping bag. I thought I had one with me. I got really paranoid in Lidl and became convinced someone had stolen it out of my handbag (who says I need to stop drinking coffee?). But the sock is none the worse for wear and actually smells a bit better than before.

Smell us!

Whilst in town, I finally picked up my Fitted Knits and found a copy of Crochet Today in Easons. Interesting! Crochet Today is like a crochet version of KnitScene. If you go to the CT site, you’ll see all the projects that are in this issue. Fitted Knits is and isn’t what I expected! I expected it to be full of very unique, Japel-ish designs, and it is. However I actually can’t see myself ever knitting something from the book! I feel very confused. These are my two favourites from the book.

Despite the no-knit thing, there are many things I love about the book. Firstly, there is the great photography. There are many detailed shots of each project. Then there’s the schematics. They are so detailed that if you chose to knit a project from the book, only a little bit of attention to your own measurements would be needed to knit something perfectly suited to your shape. There is a great selection of garment types too. I think this will be one of my ‘inspiration’ books.



  1. perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a new sock yarn marketing gimmick! scented yarn (cheese, anyone?). could rank right up there with the austerman step jojoba socks… :)

    Comment by elise — February 24, 2007 @ 20:35

  2. Oooh – I’m all jealous of the Fitted Knits! Next time I’m in the Shmoke I’ll have to have a gawp at it. Why are the patterns quite so unwearable, do you think?

    Comment by glitzfrau — February 26, 2007 @ 13:50

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