One FO begets another UFO

There’s something about seeing -2 C over where you live that really hurries mitten knitting along.

We have thumbs! they cried

I meant to knit in some waste yarn to make the afterthought thumbs easier, but I forgot – on both mittens! However it gave me an excuse to try out the original afterthought thumbs, where you just snip a stitch and carefully unravel to reveal enough stitches to pick up. As you can see, this worked pretty well…

….or rather, should have worked well if I had woven in the unravelled thread enough. I was halfway home from the pharmacy when I noticed this huge rip in the right mitten. Immediate surgery required! Both mittens are recovering nicely and have been left on the radiator to nurse them back to hand-warming health for tomorrow (I have a lesson early tomorrow morning, I’ll need warm hands!).

I’m really pleased that I got a whole mitten out of one ball of Merino Aran. I think I would have just about made the whole mitten without the stripes. Of course, I had to cast on for the Ganomy hat straight away. I’ve googled it, by the way, and I have no idea what Ganomy means. Maybe it’s ‘gnome’ said phonetically or something, because the hat does look pretty gnomey.

You know me and hats. I’ll probably have this finished tomorrow. Why can’t sleeves be like this!

2 thoughts on “One FO begets another UFO

  1. It’s a word you made up so that we don’t think you’re weird for making another beret, isn’t it? I’m onto you. 😉

    The mittens are cute, and I still haven’t gotten to mine yet. It’s been getting up to 4 degrees C lately, though, which is positively balmy if I’m only in it for a couple of minutes.

  2. Mittens look great, may try some myself, though fingerless are always easier for driving the car! Will be interested to see how you get on with the ganomy hat and if you come across the same problem I had with it….the directions are a little vague, but I should have followed instinct also duh!

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