Bonjour, mon chapeau

Another beret! Finished last night… A wonderfully quick knit, and a great pattern, too.

Pattern: Beret pattern, from the Twilley’s Freedom Spirit pattern book.

Yarn: Twilley’s ‘Spirit’ in colour 507, ‘Essence’.

Verdict: A great beret pattern! The pattern asked for 2 balls, but I honestly thought I was going to make it on just the one… I had to crack open the second for just the last ten rows. I think I might knit and felt some matching corsages out of the left overs.

Here’s how the top of it looks.

Many thanks to Lucy (sadly blogless) for pointing me towards Get Knitted – they have the Angora Merino book I was going mental about a few days ago. Check it out here. See the jumper on the front? MMM!

Recently, I’ve gotten lots of things sorted out that have been on my mind – niggly things that take time, like setting up Internet Banking, getting a billpay phone set up, getting paper work sorted out. Now I’m all set up to concentrate on the next batch of things, like designing that aran jumper, preparing some pieces to play next week and looking forward to the Beginner’s Class on Saturday. Horray!

3 thoughts on “Bonjour, mon chapeau

  1. Cute picture, and that beret looks warm. At the gym today, there was a woman getting ready to leave who had a beret, and i thought of you! It turned out that she knit it herself from angora, and it’s superwarm. She also offered to teach me to spin. I told her I have to resist another addictive obsession for now. 🙁
    I didn’t even ask her name. Or if there’s a yarn store in town. DANGIT.

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