it’s finally working! i have never done anything like this before so i’m really looking forward to learning lots of new things. many thanks and secret monkeys to alb for helping me get this set up and for answering my unending questions like, “why won’t it work?” and “when will it be working?” 😀

so, here’s what i’ve been working on recently. this a really fine-knit lace shawl that i’m giving my mum for christmas. it’s made from rowan’s kid-silk haze which is a mohair/silk mix. it’s really light but very warm. i have to block it yet.

mum's shawl

here is a close up of the stitch.

stitch close up

i got the pattern for it from here.

some other items that i finished a while back include the ‘hurry up spring’ armwamers from SNBN….


…and a cat hat from SNB.

cat hat

sorry for the poor quality pictures, they’re from the webcam. hopefully as i learn more, i can make the site a bit more exciting looking. and i’m planning on getting a little digital camera to take better pictures 🙂

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