Happy Noo Year

You may have figured by now that I am not really the mad-partying type… hence the post 🙂 I finished off the front part of the blue cotton vest last night whilst watching Rocky Balboa (the new Rocky VI)… ah, great entertainment. You gotta admit, Stallone’s pretty funny. Here’s the vest.

Because I didn’t bring my 2.75mm needles with me, I can’t start the ribbing for the back. Maybe that is just as well – give myself a bit of a break from it. So I have been plodding away with my Hedera sock, churning out the leg, through a pretty dire Star Trek movie, and then Explorers (River Phoenix, Ethan Hawke, bizarre sci fi fantasty flick). All the while I was thinking alot about 2006 and 2007, as is the trend this time of year. I’m not the kind of person who leave it until January 1st to make resolutions. I make resolutions all year round because I’m always planning new things and changing things around. My main aim for 2007 is to get the hell out of college. Most of my other resolutions are to do with making time for other things. Apart from that, I think I’ll give this 07 Stash Diet thing a go. I know I got Colinette Mohair yesterday, but that was December 30th. I’m going to use it as a challenge to come up with the most creative ideas for the yarn I bought with no intended project. I’ve already decided the Colinette should go towards a fun beret.

This is the first full year I have had the blog and I want to thank all my visitors for coming back and for all your feedback. You are what make this all worthwhile! Thank you too for keeping up your own blogs, as they are a daily source of inspiration and renewed interest in knitting for me. Happy knitting in 07!

3 thoughts on “Happy Noo Year

  1. I’m not much for wild parties, either. Anymore, it bothers me to think about all the drunk drivers on New Year’s Eve, so I just stay home.

    Knitting and blogging have brought me new friends over the past year and a half (my previous blog was, for some reason, not about knitting). Hooray for new friends!

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