Reversal completed!

You might recall from a post a few weeks ago (‘Reversing Jumpers’) about two old jumpers that I hadn’t been wearing because of literal shortcomings. The first, pictured above, is Seascape. I overshot it on the cropped look and as a result, couldn’t really wear it with anything other than my most high-waisted skirt.

According to the annals of Ravelry, I knit this during June ’21, and I clearly recall enjoying the pattern and the colour interplay so much that I wanted to extend it as much as possible. Ironically, this meant cutting the jumper short and trying to keep wool over to make a matching hat.

Of course, you know how these things go – I never got around to making the hat, and the jumper ended up too short to wear much! Argh!

Anyway, it was an easy enough remedy, especially since I knew that I had enough wool to knit at least one more pattern repeat.

What I needed to do was rip out the hem of the jumper, pick up the stitches and then continue the colourwork pattern. As it turned out, each round of colour didn’t take much at all, and I was able to add an extra 5 bands before working the ribbing.

It is the ideal length now. I think I underestimated just how warm a jumper worked in an all-over colourwork pattern – in effect, a double layer throughout – and as a consequence, didn’t properly think through when I would most be likely to reach for this.

Its warmth makes it more suited for hiking and outdoor activities, rather than skirt-and-jumper activities, which was how I had originally envisaged.

All in all, I am delighted to have this in fresh rotation for the Autumn and Winter, and it was a quick fix, taking me only a day or two.

You might also recall from that previous post that I had another jumper up for amendment: Anaashah by Jennifer Steingass. I wore this a lot when I first completed it at the end of ’18 but it shrank a bit when I freshened it up in the wash, to my ‘shrank-grin’ (chagrin)… as well as that, the neckline had been finished with just a rolled edge, which stretched out quite a bit over time.

Thankfully, I had a decent half a ball of Darnie leftover, so I opened the sleeves back up, ripped out the cuffs and knit about 10cm more on each. The length of the body was fine, but the sleeves were so short that I couldn’t really wear it.

I found it interesting just how the yarn had bloomed and meshed back into itself after washing. It gives truly the most beautiful texture and is wonderful for colourwork! But ripping back once it is felted a bit? Now, that’s a bit of work!

The other thing I needed to do was add a ribbed neckband. That was easier than opening up the sleeves because all I had to do was pick up the stitches and then work up the way.

It made such a difference! I didn’t deliberately cinch it in, but the neckband pulled the whole neckline into the right place, and that extra bit of height puts it at the perfect place for me.

All in all, the amendments took me about 5 or 6 days/knitting sessions to get through. They were easily done once I made room for them, and I am so glad to have them back in rotation.

I love the slow change of every season, and I don’t think that I am alone in finding the move into Autumn inspiring. I am looking forward to moving on after my degree. With that anticipation comes a renewed energy for all things woolly and textiley. I hope to share some of my ideas here soon.

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