Lá ‘le Stiofáin – Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh!

Ah yes… Having a good Christmas? Enjoying the presents? Soaking up the free time? I know I am! I’ve been getting some great knitting in and enjoying being home. This morning, I picked up my sock – these guys – and worked my way along until I came to knit the heel flap. One of the best bits! Suddenly, I realised that instead of 60 stitches, I had 90 stitches (let this be a lesson: never cast on when hungover).

The Inevitable

I have progressed much better on other fronts though. I am nearing the armhole shaping for the front part of the blue cotton vest. Even though I hadn’t planned it, I stuck in some waist shaping that I hope I’ll remember to do on the back part 😀 And just as I’m typing it, I realise that I hadn’t planned on the making of armholes lol… this is going to be really interesting!

Yesterday, I got extremely enthusiastic and went for a 20 minute run before lunch. After lunch we all went out for a big long walk around the lake. The only thing I was fit for after dinner was sitting down and this – the never-ending threading on of beads!

Today, I figured I should get the threading on of beads totally out of the way, and got cracking on another project I have in mind. I have two balls of Sirdar Bliss, which is a mohair mix, in my stash for the last God-knows-how-long. I have also had in my possession a bag of dark purple beads for at least five years. Combined? A beaded wrap. I’m going to put off knitting this one for a while. I have had some ideas for a lace pattern for it, but no good ones. I’m going to wait and see. If my Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting ever arrives (I await with baited breath, though with these magazine people it wouldn’t want to be too baited or I’d just pass out), it might have some ideas in it.

I had the best of intentions re: practising today, but it just didn’t seem to happen. I threw caution to the wind and decided to bake up some cranberry muffins. My mum makes 100% unsweeted cranberry sauce, ie cranberries stewed in water, for my dad. He’s a guy who eats lemons like oranges, but even he can only tolerate a spoonful of these cranberries at a time. I figured they would be great for muffins. So I got out my gluten free flour (a godsend, by the way), my cranberries and got cookin’.


It’s just as well I took the photo because they’re all gone now. My dad came in from digging a hole out the back and ate three. They really do have a tang! I also made a bakewell tart. A bakewell tart has a pastry base, like an ordinary tart, then your filling – I put in apples – and then a sponge mix on the top. You need to bake it in a deep enough dish to hold in the sponge. I can’t take a photo of it because it has already disappeared!

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