Christmas is coming…

It sure is and I’m down to the wick here with my Christmas knitting. I had a really hectic last few days in college – I had arranged to meet La Glitz and my other mate Steve before coming home but all plans had to be abandoned. Between my Beethoven concerto, a really dodgy repair man for my electric piano (think Whitnail), and realising I had to pack, I’m amazed I got home in one piece. Apologies to Helen and Steve though 🙁

So, ye merry olde Clapotis came to a horrible stop in the middle of the week because I ran out of wool. I didn’t get a chance to rip back and start reknitting until today. Yes, I know. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, but our family tradition is to give presents on Christmas Eve and not Christmas Day. This comes from when we were small, because Santy came for Christmas Day, so family presents were the night before – and still are. Once you get used to getting all your presents the night before, there’s no going back. Anyway, I ripped right back and got going straight away. I have two more decrease repeats to do and then I’m done. Still love the colours!

As for my dad’s welly socks, I am on the cusp of toe shaping (love that word. Cusp). I’m going to have to come up with some imaginative wrapping to disguise these guys. I think an egg carton should do the trick.

In other news, I have been plugging away at my blue raglan. It has become my reading jumper, and have been ploughing through both it and my new read, Prokofiev by Prokofiev. I gotta tell ya, you never know what you’ll find in the Academy library. For such a small college, it’s library is top notch. They’re always buying in new cds, new editions, lots of things. But I digress! I am still enraptured by the colours I chose for Butterfly. So Christmassy! I want to start this straight away but I’m going to hold out until Christmas Day. I knitted the swatch, but I think it is a little too holey so may swap the 5mm needles for 4.5mm ones.

I had to take to my bed this afternoon with a head cold. It’s nothing serious, but when all you’ve got is Panadol and no Benilyn, bed really is the only solution. I’m ok now. It’s been such calm weather out, I was hoping to get started back at my running but no joy. In the end, putting up Christmas decorations proved exercise enough!

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