December 13, 2006

Chugging Away

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All quiet on the Neels Front here – I have been battling off a cold and catching up on a LOT of piano practice. But you can only work flat out for a few days at a time, so I am taking a bit of a break today to look after some other necessary things. You know, laundry, Christmas presents, that kind of thing!

First up is the Blue Raglan I’ve been working on. It’s more of a sea-blue, really.

The body is now at 9″ and I am just chugging away . It was easy to begin with because I put in waist shaping so I had to pay attention. Stockingnet is boring when you don’t have any shaping or goals to reach. My only goal is to knit another 8″ on to it. I think I might start on a sleeve to stave off the boredom. It’s pretty bad when I start thinking about knitting sleeves.

I took a break over the weekend from knitting Christmas presents but have taken back up my Mum’s Clapotis this morning. Mmm, I’d forgotten how nice that Lion and Lamb is to work with :D Yesterday, I received books from Amazon that I’d ordered well over a month ago. I got some cheap oldies. I have only had a chance to have a look through this one yet –

My word. This book is wonderfully comprehensive. It starts off with variations on a solid fabric, ie purl stitches used to create texture in a knit fabric. This progresses on to travelling and twisted motifs, ie cabling. A large section is devoted to lace knitting in its many forms – eyelet motifs, faggot motifs, medallion, picot point and filet lace are all covered. There is also a fascinating chapter about bias fabrics and included under bias fabric and lace fabric is my all-time favourite, chevron motifs. I found it interesting that, at the back, she has a chapter devoted to garment construction. Basically, knitting garments in the round is disparaged for having its roots in “peasant” knitting and for its lack of shape and structure. Knitting pieces flat, and then seaming them up, is put forth as the “modern” method for achieving style in knitting. What bollocks! I accept that seams give knitted fabric good structure, but you can put in phony seams that serve the purpose and save you hours of sewing. And this brings me back to my last post where I was ranting on about patterns making you purl colourwork, too. There are obviously two divided camps on this issue, but I am of the firm belief that you can knit a garment in the round and it still be well fitted.

Anyway, I’ll get off my high knitted horse for the moment because I must brace the weather to buy baking trays. I am one of those people that likes to give their teachers something for Christmas, but I hate the notion of giving a bottle of something just for the sake of it. I’d rather take the time and make something special. Last year, I gave my two teachers a black and white print of a photo that I had taken and developed myself. I bought some nice frames and wrapped them up. This year, I haven’t had one minute to get back into the dark room (very sad but true), so I was thinking of baking them some cookies. Mum suggested I ice them or dip them in chocolate and nuts. YUM! I wonder how many of them will make it into a wrapped tin? There’s an offy just down the road you know…


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