Let me be Frank

Yes, I’ll be Frank and tell you straight off: I have no photos. I left my connection cable for the camera somewhere in my sister’s house. But I haven’t been doing any knitting recently, so I suppose it doesn’t matter 🙂 Yeah, I’m a bit out of my knitting groove at the moment (as Kristen knows all about… I’ve been moaning to her). I’m pretty sure the cooking and sewing ghoulies out there are aware that I’m sans knitting right now, because I’ve been hit by a cooking bug.

This is what woke me up last night – the notion of a lemon, lime and orange squeezed together. I have an old electric squeezer that lets you get all the pulp out, and I have a real thing for limes. The thing for limes has been exacerbated by watching the new Rachel Allen cookery show. Initially, I only stayed watching it when I was flicking around because her accent really amused me (sort of Irish-Australian-Trinity)(I know!)… but by gum, this woman can cook. She squeezes a lime into most things too 😀 Check out the link above. There’s a link onto a lot of the recipes on the show and she has a book out too. I had a quick flick at it when I was interred in Duty Free last week and it was really good (I have never bought a cookery book in my life). Not helping this cookery phase (but has nothing to do with limes… yet) is a little booklet I picked up in Penn station last week. It’s a special edition about cookies brought out by ‘Everyday Food’, which is like the Reader’s Digest of Food. It has about 50 quick recipes for all sorts of yummy things to have with your coffee. Right now I am determined to crank out some flourless peanut and chocolate cookies before the weekend.

Flourless cookies? Yes. I’ve been feeling very nauseous for the last few weeks, particularly in America. I mentioned it to my mum when I returned and she suggested that I, like her, am intolerant to wheat. Hmmm. How does that work? You feel sick a few hours after you eat bread. This might count for a lot, I thought to myself, because I eat about six slices of bread during the day. I cut out the bread on Monday and I can’t remember when I felt this good in a long time. No more nausea! No more weird ups and downs in energy! No more wanting to keel over and die!

Well, knitting hasn’t been all bad. I started my mum’s Clapotis a few nights ago, and I picked up my green sock last night. I’m waiting impatiently for my new issue of Interweave Knits to arrive. Check out this amazing beast.

Lastly, I was delighted to open my mail today and find out that there is a workshop the weekend after this in Yarn in Galway. It is with Lynn Roberts and I assume will be about aran knitting in some shape or form. If you haven’t already heard about it, go check out the details here. It’s only e35. This is great! I was planning on visiting Alb that weekend anyway, and apparently they have gotten in some Collinette (a yarn only spied from afar).

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  1. If I were you I´d go to Gailimh this weekend and visit that workshop. I´d love to learn more about Aran knitting and patterns and wool and so on but this is impossible here in Germany. I know another person who has porblems with weat. She eats a lot of buckwheat, Amaranth, Quinoa and such plants. I have all of these here and think they´re all great. Give it a try!

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