Upon Request

Upon request, I’m going to stick up some photos that I took yesterday – Natural History Museum and Grand Central Station.

I always feel sorry for the Chrysler building – it was pipped at the post by the Empire State and everyone seems to forget about it. I think it looks way cooler than the Empire State, it’s got a real 20s look about it.

After Grand Central Station, I mosied on over to Union Square and had a look in Knit New York. It’s a comprehensive shop with a lovely little cafe in it too. I poked about for a long time but was very good and didn’t buy any more wool. Then I went and poked about in Barnes & Noble on Union Square itself. Thanks to Laura (url-less) for telling me about this! I had a great time! We spent a long time in the museum in the morning and I didn’t have enough time in the end to go to Chinatown. I could’ve but I would have had to rush and it wouldn’t have been much fun. So I gathered up a pile of books and magazines, found a quiet corner and spent a happy hour browsing before I went home. I’d given up on finding any EZ books so imagine my surprise when I came upon this pair! (quite cheap)

I had a look in the Almanac on the way home on the train and not only is there a guide for knitting aran jumpers (like the best way to figure out gauge for aran knitting), but also patterns for hats, including one for a three-cornered hat. Yarrrrr!!

2 thoughts on “Upon Request

  1. Wow, just goes to show how out-of-touch I was in the past week and a half or so–I was a-travelin’ myself. Welcome to America, come back soon!

    I mean, I’m not there anymore; I’m in Canada now, but I WAS in the US when you were. I would have waved at you (from Ohio), had I been paying attention.

  2. I am planning a visit in June for my mother’s 60th birthday, so I was looking for yarn shops to visit during our trip and I stumbled upon your site. I’ve enjoyed reading about all of your projects, I too am a knitter and so is my daughter (who is actually a much better knitter at 14 than me at 40). Thank you for your site..I hope to visit the shops you’ve listed when we visit in June.

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