When it rains, it pours

Today, I was planning on hitting Knit New York over by Union Square and the heading on down to Chinatown to take some photos… but then this happened.

It is torrential. My sister dug out some rain gear for me but in the end, I figured, what’s the fun in tramping around in the rain? Rain is the same all over. So I stayed at home, put on a casserole for dinner tonight, tidied all my junk up and had a cup of tea. There is a nice cafe near here that I was planning on visiting if the rain abated but so far, it’s not looking good. Apparently there is a flash flood warning for NYC so… maybe it’s a good thing I’m cozied up here. I can always do Chinatown on Friday (tomorrow we’re doing a yarn store crawl here in New Jersey).

Yesterday, my sister and I met up with Amy, my brother-in-law’s sister (sister in law?), for lunch in Greenwich village. Although I took my camera along, I didn’t take any pictures, mostly because it is alot like a very large Temple Bar and there wasn’t anything specific I could photograph. It is a groovy part of town. We saw some vacant models and visited a shop that sold fossils and bones. We visited a fun shop called Kate’s Paperie, which is a swish paper shop. Perfect for scrapbookers. My sister and I share a fascination with stationery and we spent quite a while in there. I came out with some rubber stamps and a book I’d been looking at online: Amy Butler’s In Stitches. If you follow the link, you will see what sort of patterns and fabrics she has. The book is all in that style. I’m hoping it will spur me on to improve my sewing skills. Here is a really nice bag that the book has a pattern for.

Of course, I couldn’t visit Soho without visiting Purl. It is small but chock full of goodies! I didn’t get any yarn but I did get my ball winder. Yes! Success!


What can I say? It goes round and round and does the job 😀 I got a bit over-excited in the shop and I think the sales lady didn’t know quite what to make of me. Amy and Niamh were very patient and I didn’t have the heart to drag them to The Point knitting cafe.

It’s sort of nice to be rained out of it. I’m being kept company by a little puppy, a scottie called Rosy.

2 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours

  1. Ohhh, a whole rainy day inside just for knitting. That sounds heavenly. And a ball winder! I picked one up at the K&S show, then went out to dinner with non-knitting friends who really didn’t get just how exciting a purchase it was.

  2. Love the bag pattern. Had picked up some vinyl cloth at the Birmingham K&S Show in hopes of making my own knitting bag and looking for a pattern just like this one! Wouldn’t that be a killing knitting bag shape? So, when all the pre-Christmas knitting fllurry is over, I’m making a way-cool knitting bag sorta like that one! Yippee!

    Why is it that I keep wanting to nick patterns off you?

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