Nice to see ya, Abria

I finished something! Or more specifically, I finished something and I have gotten around to sharing it with you. I managed to spend a morning taking lots and lots of photos only to discover this evening that 1. I positioned the camera in such a way as to give a peculiar view of my knees (you’ll see) and 2. I either look deathly tired or murderous (I seem to forget that even though I’m only taking photos of clothes, my face kind of matters too). So, there’s my disclaimer! Onto the actual content.

I finished my Abria cardigan a few weeks ago. I love it and it is surprisingly warm for such a small garment!

There is a nice small amount of lace detail at the front. If you follow the link to the pattern, you’ll see better on the sample there how the shoulders are shaped. It’s a bit like a hybrid between a saddle shoulder and a raglan. I quite like it, I have to say. It required quite a lot more attention than I was expected, to be honest, but it was worth it. (I’m sorry, my facial expression was so preposterous, self-decapitation was the only way forward).

The yarn I used was Zooey, by Juniper Moon. I’d never used it before. It’s a 60-40 cotton-linen blend. Linen can be a little hard on your hands to work with but the high cotton content in this made it quite manageable. There are some beautiful jewel tones in this yarn and I imagine it would make a really nice summer top or shawl. I used three balls, almost entirely, and that includes lengthening the sleeves signficantly (nearly to 20 inches in total length) and the body a good bit too (not that you’d think it to look at it).

The skirt and blouse I also made. They go well with the cardigan I think! There is enough detail in both to qualify for their own post so I will follow soon with that. Wishing you all a lovely weekend full of knitting, coffee and sunshine!

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