Here is da nooze

Hello! First off, thank you for all your lovely comments about my green cardie. Haven’t worn it out yet – maybe at the weekend. Here is another quick FO for your edification and delight…

It is the lace shrug from the first issue of Knit Today. The pattern called for four balls of Kid Classic, but I got this baby out of just two and a bit balls. I have so much of the third ball left over, in fact, that I am considering making the cuffs a bit longer (for snuggility). Here is better detail of the arm:

Before I knit this, I would never have dreamt of wearing something like this, but now that I have it on, it is surprisingly snug and warm, and I think I will wear it into college today!

Last Friday, I was feeling really yucky, but not yucky enough to want to stay in bed, so I decided to cut my losses and go to The Wool Shop in Bray. (I did write about the bus journey: don’t get the 45 bus!) Anyway, here’s some of the loot I came back with. Twilley’s have come out with a new line of wool called ‘Spirit’ and really good pattern support for it (for once). It is not outrageously expensive and the colourways are lovely, really autumnal. I got six balls of this stuff, and a pattern for a vest. I hope I’ll have enough left over to make a hat (because you really shouldn’t need six balls of anything to make a vest).

Next up is this Rowanspun DK. I couldn’t resist the colour. Check out the little blue flecks! I’m not into buying just one skein of something because it won’t get used, but what convinced me about this is the fact that each skein has 200m. That’s pretty good for just a fiver. I’m thinking possibly socks, or even a One Skein Wonder.

Lastly, because I was freaking out about not having enough wool to finish my Kid Classic shrug, I got some Jaeger Luxury Tweed. This has better meterage than the Kid Classic (180m to a ball – impressive, no?).

Now that I have finished the shrug, however, I’m wondering what to do with these guys. It is DK weight, as opposed to the Aran weight of the Kid Classic. I could just knit a vest with it or something. Vests are very handy. Still, it won’t go to waste.

Lastly, because I know better than to venture into a hospital without knitting, is my first green Pomatomus sock.

Unfortunately, the queue was really quick – I was only waiting for about fifteen minutes. But I didn’t have far to go to finish this one off, so I got it done yesterday evening. I had to pop into the Mater (only a fifteen minute walk! I left an hour too early… but good to know the next time I set my hair on fire or something… it’s happened before you know) for a blood test. My blood was pretty dark. My initial reaction was that I’m low in iron, but my mum is just after texting me and according to my dad, it’s from having too much iron. I can’t win. Results in a week!

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  1. Having donated over 3 gallons of blood (not at once) I can say that blood is supposed to be dark. If it’s very high in iron, then it’s thick, too – one of the nurses told me she’s seen blood that seems like jam. Ew. Good luck. I hope everything is fine. And that’s a lovely shrug!

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