Sleepy Saturday

Unfortunately, no FO for Friday this week. Maybe today. I seamed the sleeves of Granny Smith yesterday and I couldn’t take any more sewing. I still have to seam the body and set the sleeves. Sigh. I am definitely knitting a top-down seamless raglan next. I’ve had enough of this needle and thread business.

Yesterday, I woke up with this thing in my chest. I couldn’t take deep breaths and it hurt when I bent over (not that I do that much, mind). By lunchtime I was very groggy so I called it quits on the work. I was dozing in front of the news when I realised that I would still be sitting there by the time Richard and Judy rolled around, and I had to get up and do something! So I looked up some bus times, packed my bag, and off I went to the Wool Shop in Bray. I initially regretted not lugging my camera with me, but it was so dark and rainy that there would’ve been no point anyway.

The shop! It is really tiny but packed floor to ceiling with Rowan, good Tivoli (like that great alpaca sock yarn they do), Regia, Jaeger, the new Sirdar Sublime stuff, cross-stitch kits, embroidery stuff, tapestry stuff, buttons, and millions of other things you can sew on. There was wool that I was hoping to be there, but I also found that the colour of Kid Classic I’m using to knit something with has been discontinued… and I need another ball of it. Considering the sort of day that was in it, and how I was feeling, I’m glad I went all that way and had a good poke about the shop. I stayed snug all day and am feeling much better this morning. Let me tell you this though: if you, like me, have a Rambler bus ticket and refuse to fork out more to take the Dart, do NOT take the 45 to Bray! It insists on going through every single village on the way. Granted, I now know what Shankill and Cabinteely look like, but I was doing well without! On the way back, I got the 84. I didn’t pay alot of attention, but we passed UCD after only 20 minutes, and within another 20, we had zoomed around by the RDS and were back in town. It is not as frequent as the 45, but definitely worth getting if you’re not going to get the Dart. I will post stash pictures and (hopefully) a FO picture later.

I have been poking around and I’ve come across some interesting free patterns. If you’re one of those people that mops the floor, check out this for some Mason-Dixon inspired patterns. I am very taken with this attractive mohair V-neck. Perfect if you’ve got a few loose balls of mohair left over from something :} Lastly, if you love knitting gloves but hate the fiddliness of knitting fingers on DPNs, then check out these Sideways Knitted Gloves. You knit them from side to side, flat. I think it’s a good idea! I followed the link from this post on livejournal.

Ok. Must run. I have to go look at a clarinet before I head to the Barnie’s Knit Meet Up later, and I actually want to get some work done before I go!

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday

  1. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. Hopefully it’ll go away very quickly. I placed an order for the Regia boots at that site you linked to, and they already sold their last pair of adult-sized boots last week. Garrrah! Can’t win.

  2. omg…a paragraph on the bus and nothing about my buying you dinner…worst blog ever!!!!!!!

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