The Hat goes on the Head!

Indeed! I spent Sunday fighting off this horrible bug that was draining me of energy and making me run a high temperature. I finally feel back to normal, thank goodness, so allow me to show you the Birthday Hat.

If you want a hat, get a head

Pattern: Asymmetric Cabled Hat from One Skein.

Needles: 8mm for the brim, and 6.5mm for the body of the hat.

Wool: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky, 2 balls (only a little bit left over!).

Adjustments: I added a brim and instead of making the top square and sewing the corners together, I did some dodgy decreasing to shape the crown instead.

The brim was a bit of a challenge. I wanted the cables on the brim to match the cables on the body. Because of the nature of brims, and because I was knitting from the bottom up, I knitted the brim inside out and read the cable chart the right way (from right to left). I thought that by knitting the brim inside out, the cables of the body would automatically match, but they didn’t. I solved this problem by turning the work and reading the cable chart the wrong way (from left to right). Dad’s birthday isn’t until Friday but I gave it to him yesterday and he loves it. Success!

There has been interest in my see-through boots! This is encouraging because I was beginning to fear that I would get egged in the street :} Yes, they are funky! And! I have just discovered where to get them! My dad, when he returned from Berlin with them, told me that the woman said Raffia made them. I spent a long time googling this maker but all I could come up with were straw shoes. After searching for “transparent boots”, I was brought to Elann which stocks both rubber wellies and boots in sizes up to European 35 (about a size 4… technically childrens’ sizes!). But I noticed that the maker of these beautiful boots is Regia not bloody “Raffia”, which makes far more sense. So, googling for Regia transparent boots got me far more results. Here’s one that stocks adult sizes (scroll to the bottom of the page). I hope this helps!

In other news, I recommend this month’s issue of Simply Knitting. I am very tempted by the wrap around cardigan on the front but I must resist! After two attempts, I must concede temporary defeat at the hands of the wrap around caridgan. It’s those frigging neck bands! The rest of the magazine is good too, though 🙂 Speaking of magazines, check out this new one over at Hipknits. I’m curious! One of the contributors is Melissa Wehrle, the designer of Granny Smith. Which reminds me of one last item of news which is that the neckband of GS is complete and all that remains is to seam the sleeves and body, and find some buttons! Horray!

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