Blackrock Shenannigans

This morning I visited the very wonderful This is Knit in Blackrock with my mum’s friend, Mary. Ostensibly it was for a Christmas Gifts brainstorming session, but it turned into more of a yakky-coffee-fuelled-nibbly-yummy-things-inspiration fest! Shortly after we arrived, a helper-outer came in with a delivery of books which were quickly devoured. Wonderful books such as Weekend Knitting, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and! Knitting on the Road! This surprised me so much that I sort of jumped off my seat. I have been looking for other Barbara Bush books such as Knitting from the Top Down for yonks and yonks and had just given it up as a lost cause. In fact, only yesterday I thought to myself that I ought to buy some impossible-to-get books while in America next month instead of more wool (well, within reason :D). So I apologise to Lisa and Jacqui for startling them with my reaction 🙂

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning and I know Mary enjoyed herself too. A special word of thanks for the coffee and really special nibbly things baked up by Lisa and another girl who came. Jacqui very kindly sent some home with me and the verdict from here is that homebaked goodies beat shop stuff any day of the week 😀 It’s great to see the shop doing well and all the new stock they’ve gotten in, like the gorgeous tweedy yarn from Craftspun and the new Tapestry.

When I got in, I was really in the mood for a bit of knitting so I got out my Alien Heads and decided to fix up that neckline. Now, I know it wasn’t apparent from the picture I took, but one side of the neckline was much more pulled than the other, and the front was pretty droopy. I ripped it out and crocheted two rounds, but it didn’t work at all; it was even worse. Third time lucky! I crocheted about four or five rounds, and decreased evenly all the way around on all rounds. I usually mess this up and it comes out puckered, but as you can see, it is finally wearable. No more droopy front!

I’m going to miss working on this top. The Patons’ Washed Haze was very pleasant to work with and every now and then, I would put the top down and look at those alien heads, staring vacantly up at me. I feel like I’m wearing something that landed in my back garden from outer space.

Today was a day of extravagances because I got all my knitted presents wool. This includes wool for my dad’s birthday present, my sister’s and Mum’s Christmas presents. First up is some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.

The navy is Chunky weight and is destined for the Cabled Hat from One Skein. Although I would have enough in one ball to make the hat, I am planning on adding length to it for a turn-uppable brim. That way, he can make it as long or as short as he likes. I’m thinking about those days when it’s bitterly cold and you want to pull something down over your ears. The red is Aran weight and is destined for a One Skein Wonder. I got two balls for it because I might make it a little longer, I’ll see how it goes. If I don’t need the second ball, I might knit another for a friend or my sister.

This is destined for a pair of Fetchings. I’m not going to tell you who they’re for but I’m really looking forward to knitting them! It’s funny because I don’t want a pair of armwarmers, but I want to have a go at the pattern and try out the Tapestry, so I just decided to make them for a present 🙂 Process knitter all the way!

Here’s the Lorna’s Laces I got for Mum’s Christmas Clapotis.

Not terribly original, I know, but I think the colourway will really suit her and, to be honest, I’d end up spending as much on a present for her anyway. I really enjoyed working with the Lorna’s Laces I got for my own Clapotis so I’m looking forward to this one. So much so, in fact, that I’m going to keep it to knit in November, when the weather is miserable, clocks have just gone back and thoughts of summer are quickly disappearing.

Lastly – I’m not entirely sure why I bought this today since I’m not in any rush to make it – some Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4-ply. It’s for Rusted Root.

I have been thinking about this colour since I first saw it, and I think Rusted Root would really do the yarn justice. Phew! Next up: finishing my Granny Smith!

4 thoughts on “Blackrock Shenannigans

  1. Hoorah for stash! Did you get the books as well? The socks in Knitting on the Road are just lovely, and the other two are fab for just flicking through just to read (but the Hourglass sweater is a must, and I can see you in the lace camisole from Weekend Knitting).

    Tapestry btw is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, but it can be a bit twisty, like Noro can, and a little splitty with the wrong needles, so watch out! But it is ace. I almost bought some more yesterday in Holmfirth, but resisted 😀

  2. Wow! You are flying along on all these projects! Are you sure you’re not a professional knitter? Lovely yarn to be sure. Sorry I couldn’t come along on Saturday. Had another meeting to go to. Sigh. Glad you had a marvelously yummy time….

  3. Good luck with the Tapestry! Bamboo DPNS are the way forward, and good luck with the splittiness. By the way – which day are you going to the knitting and stitching show? I’m trying to lay plans…

  4. Ooh, I just love the crocheted effect on the neckline. And you’re right, in the pic of you wearing it, they TOTALLY DO look like alien heads.

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