fetchez la vache!

this saturday, i’m playing in the irish preliminaries of the AXA dublin international piano competition. there are twelve of us, and i think the top five get through. i have been concentrating so much on my programme that this evening i said, enough is enough. i went to the shop and got popcorn, stuck on monty python’s search for the holy grail, and finished up my socks.

green socks

they’re not really green socks anymore. halfway through the second one, i ran out of the opal magic wool i was using. i have another ball of opal wool, only it’s blue. i assumed they would have the same pattern, but they obviously don’t 🙂 it looks fun though.

i ordered some dark red rowan cotton from getknitted as my christmas present. i’m all excited now because it was despatched this morning! i’ll have to wait until christmas though. it’s going to be ‘lucky’ from SNBN.

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  1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, the tote I made is from Hello Yarn. I did make the skull tote, but I’m pressed for time, so I’m just striping the rest of the totes.

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