Yarn pr0n… and more!

I have been having such a good break here in Galway. I always feel guilty for leaving piano behind for a day or two, but in hindsight I’m always glad. Things are starting to get going now. I have to submit my days for examining for the Academy (I’m not on probation anymore! Horray for contract work!), and I just got my first phonecall from a student looking for lessons in St. Pat’s. As tedious as I find teaching, one day a week won’t kill me, it’s usually entertaining enough, students being what they are, and it is a guaranteed income. I haven’t been working for the last month and I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrell right now!

Yesterday afternoon was warm and breezy, perfect for having a wander around town and picking up some woolly requirements. First up is the Kidsilk Night for my sister’s birthday shawl.

Although Yarn didn’t have the black I was hoping for, I think this deep purple will suit my sister well as she has auburn hair. I made a tough decision and went with a blue-grey Kid Classic instead of lilac. There were only three balls in this colourway available so I hope I won’t need a fourth. It is for a shrug so I’ll probably just make the sleeves a little shorter. They’re a bit puffy in the pattern and four balls seems rather a lot for what is just a pair of sleeves!

Lastly, I got another skein of Kilcarra handspun. I have stopped myself from buying single balls of wool, but I found a skein that I bought about six months ago in the back of the drawer during the week. There isn’t really enough in it to do something substantial, so I picked up another skein in the same colourway. I’m planning on a hat, some fun handwarmers or perhaps some snuggly socks. I think I’ll have enough for socks in two skeins.

Also on my travels I picked up a copy of Knit Today, a new publication that I quite like, and a copy of Vogue. I stopped buying Vogue about a year ago because I had issues with the lifestyle it promoted (in the same vein as Sex in the City: you are not complete without a cocktail dress and a pair of $5,000 shoes). However, I love looking at well-made clothes and find Vogue very inspiring. Almost too inspiring: I woke up during the night last night thinking about a lovely rust-coloured vest I saw in a ‘Freedom’ pattern book about three weeks ago, thinking how a navy fair-isle equivalent would suit a wine cord skirt I have, and contemplating the glory that is double-breasted coats. Truly, I should get myself onto a sewing course. I have the lurve, but lack the skillz.

Both Gatsby Girl and Pomatomus #2 progressed excellently on the bus. I have already started my gusset decreases on the sock! However, there has been more incorrect cable woe so I won’t post a picture until I have dropped back and recorrected them. I’m really happy with my new gauge and it seems that the row gauge is pretty much spot on! This never happens to me. I give all the credit to my dodgy algebra 😀

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