I took a year and a half of Higher Maths until time restrictions (a seven hour round trip on Saturdays for piano lessons 😀 insane! but true!) meant I had to drop it and take Pass instead. I have had no use whatsoever for anything I learned in that class… until today! I was determined to fix up my Gatsby Girl. Using (fairly dodgy) algebra, I used my gauge from 1. 3mm st st swatch; 2. 3.5mm st st swatch; 3. 3mm ribbed swatch to predict what needle size I would need to use to get proper gauge! On the whole, this operation took far longer than actually knitting said swatch, but was much more entertaining. My brand of maths always carries such risk! Living on the edge, that’s me.

So although I have no pictures to show tonight, I have been just zooooming along with my Gatsby Girl. Knitting on 4.5mm needles is more fun than 3mm needles (depending! depending on what you’re knitting! before lace maniacs get their yarn over and ssk me to death). Tomorrow, I’m getting the bus to Galway to visit Alb so I’ll have four hours of uninterrupted knittage and readage of paper. (I love how dangerous broadsheets are to read on the bus. Everyone avoids you but still sneaks a look at your crossword.)

There will be a green Pomatomus heel to show tomorrow too! And, all being well, some Kidsilk Night for my sister’s birthday present, possibly some Kid Classic and maybe even some cotton. It all depends on what I find. I’m excited about seeing Alb too, you know 😀

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