Le Sigh

I knew it was too good to last! Yesterday was my first proper day back at college and many things were decided – not just what classes I’ll be doing, but all my repertoire was finally decided on too. There is good news (like doing some mad contemporary irish pieces, a Chopin scherzo after thinking I wouldn’t be doing any Chopin, and finally listening to the contempoary sonata I’ll be doing and being glad that I actually really like it)… and there is not so good news (my concerto is hard but cool enough to compensate). The bad news? Revising music you are memorising while knitting cables is a bad idea.

After the smashing one-inch progress I had to show in my last post on Gatsby Girl, I managed to twist all my cables the wrong way! So I ripped out about the extra inch and a half I’d knitted and started to reknit… only to do the same bloody thing again! Speaking of reknitting, I seamed up Bliss finally, last night, only to discover that I had overcompensated on the neck band. It is far too loose and floppy. My only solution is to rip it out again and reknit it. SIGH!

My mum, upon seeing my Clapotis, has decided she wants a browny-beigey one to go with her coat for Christmas. I think, partly because it’s my mum’s Christmas present and partly because I love working with it, I will go with more Lion & Lamb. It sure beats designing a cardigan for her, which was my only other alternative.

Green pomatomus socks and my Alien Heads are progressing nicely but they still look the same. I may just refrain from posting pictures until they look a bit different :} (I’m too lazy to get my camera out :D)

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