FO: Helene

This has been a long time in the making! I first started it on honeymoon with a sport weight yarn, but it turned out too thick and dense, so I ripped it out.

I really liked the design so last summer, I bought some Katia linen and knit it again. Although I’m really happy with it, I think that something even more lace weight would be better. Other than ordering the recommended yarn, which is a 4 ply linen and $$$ when you factor in shipping, this was the closest I could get. I think a lace cotton would probably work out really nicely too.


The pattern is from Quince & Co, who, by the way, have the most wonderful aesthetic. You may not like all their designs, but the way they’re portrayed really makes you WANT to like them. The front and back are knitted both the same and then you sew them together. They’re knitted side to side, which makes it tricky to judge the length. This turned out a little shorter than I prefer but looks fine with a high waisted skirt.


The pattern is really well written and with a little concentration, the shaping for the neckline is no problem to follow. The rest is very straight forward.


I’ve been trying to muster up the courage to wear this – I really wasn’t sure what to wear it with – but it seems grand with just a Penney’s t-shirt underneath.


We’ve been having very mixed weather these days. We had big thunder and hailstones earlier this week, but today is lovely out. To put it in context for non-British Islers, lovely is 18℃ with not much of a breeze. Regardless of the sun, the air can be quite cool right into July, especially along the coast, which is the majority of Ireland. Therefore, days that can be enjoyed with neither jacket nor tights are to be treasured! Enjoy your sun – I’ll be back soon with something different!

2 thoughts on “FO: Helene

  1. >> on honeymoon with a sport weight yarn

    Ha ha ha. Does Alb know about this other honeymoon?

    Nice knitting btw 😉

  2. You have been busy! I like everything you have made lately, well done.

    We are in S. France…..40 degrees centigrade, and then the heavens opened and hailstones the size of golfballs, weird weather everywhere.

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