Belated March Outfit

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! It did pour in Galway but I had a good time anyway. I didn’t finish any sleeves on my red cardigan, but I did get the button band done. I’m not sure how much yarn the sleeves are going to take so I figured I should do the band first since that’s more important in a way!

So here’s something I finished up in March. It was an extremely busy month, musically speaking, so this was the majority of what I achieved.


From the first time I saw it, I really loved the newest Lisette for Simplicity pattern. I think it’s number 1666. The pattern includes these two – a very simple, unlined straight skirt and peplum top, as well as a beautiful dress version of the top and a bag. The bag is like a big tote and, although super practical-looking, is not the best match for the other outfits. I’ll probably make it all the same though!


I used polyester georgette from Hickey’s for the whole thing. I bought the red months apart from the black but they turned out to be exactly the same type. Georgette has a sort of matt, crepe feel to it, so it has a good drape but isn’t quite as posh looking as satin.


I was really unsure about the top, because I’ve never worn a peplum before and I was afraid it would make me look huge. Can you see how the centre back panel lays flat? It’s the same on the front…so the end result is a bit more streamlined than the usual circus tent.

I finished the skirt first and have worn it many times. The top I haven’t worn at all but like all concerting gear, I’m always glad to have it on hand during a busy period.


I don’t usually stand like this…but you can see how the sides flutter!

All in all, this was a very manageable pattern. I think that it really lends itself to dressing up or down. For example, you could make a totally casual outfit in a denim skirt and floral top. Or even more dressy in lace or brocade. As with all of the Lisette patterns, the fit is a true petite: I cut the size for my measurements (I think it was a 10?) and needed no shortening of the torso or a different size for narrow shoulders.

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