June 5, 2014

FO: Tinder, and the reknit

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It is a sweltering ~17℃ here so let the record show that I suffered in the taking of these photos! Only joking… But seriously, how nice is it today? (Provided you’re in the sun, no breeze, no shade and still wearing long sleeves and covered shoes…)


Here it is! I’ve been wearing it every day since I finished it, barring today because it’s just too warm (inside).


The pattern is a Brooklyn Tweed one, called Tinder, from an old Wool People edition. The yarn is the Rico Essentials superwash in Aran weight. I think I used about 12 balls. The buttons, like I mentioned before, I had already in the box. I looked the last time I was in Hickey’s, though, and they still sell them.


Raglan sleeves are not the most flattering on me but for a cardigan like this, I don’t think it matters hugely. The potential for SNUG is huge!


Overexposed! Sorry! But this shows the stitch pattern nicely and also the drape of the back when it’s left open.

This is knit from the bottom up. So, rather than working silly reverse stockinette, I knit the sleeves plain in the round and turned them inside out before I seamed them to the rest of the jumper. Other than that, I made it totally as per the pattern.

I finally got down to it at the weekend and reworked my numbers for my red cardigan. An ill wind, I suppose, as I decided that a cropped V-neck cardie would get the most use, as opposed to my original plan of a longer sweater.


I’m being supremely lazy and just knitting this directly off the old sweater. None of this ripping out business! Sure, it may grow one hundred leagues when I wash it, but what is life without a little suspense?


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