Zissou and an arm rant

Ever since I saw Team Zissou, complete with red hats, at the electric picnic, I have had an itch to knit myself a Zissou hat. Alb said that the challenge would be in making the top of it sort of flat and square. Upon further investigation, it is in fact only Bill Murray’s (aka Steve Zissou) hat that is like that. Have a look at this photo here. You can see that everybody’s hats are different. I’m thinking that sisters, mums and aunts got roped into knitting for the film resulting in the wide variety of hats seen in the film. Or maybe the actors knitted the hats themselves. Either way, I feel vindicated in my desire to just knit a normal red ribbed beanie, rather than the condom-like cap sported by Murray. The funny thing is, I don’t really want to wear one. I’d probably only wear it when watching the film, or at a stretch, the Royal Tenenbaums. (Ah, the Royal Tenenbaums. Perfect in every way.)

Let’s pass on our decaffienated good wishes to poor Tea and Cakes because she is off tea and coffee to help with migraines. I put some coffee on and came upstairs to read my RSS, and by the time I got to her post, I could smell the coffee coming up from the kitchen. I think I should drink double-portions to maintain coffee balance in the universe. Einstein would definitely agree.

I’m not feeling very well this morning. Knitting usually helps for headaches and sore throats so I gave my Granny Smith first sleeve a good seeing to. I compared the schematics to my orangutan arms and if I knitted it according to the pattern for 3/4 length sleeves, I would end up with sleeves coming down just to my elbows. Ridiculous! How can my arms be 22 inches long? I am only 5’5. My arms are so long that when I am carrying a bag, say of groceries, the bottom scrapes on the footpath. It poses a problem for piano playing because my legs are much shorter than my arms are long. I have to sit right in so that my feet can reach the pedals, but then lean backwards so that I have enough arm room. It’s madness but I have managed to make it look like I’m sitting fairly upright. In fact, it feels very like riding one of those pedal boats. My teacher often gives out about my posture but I don’t think he truly understands the Orangutan Issue.

Anyway, I am about fifteen inches into my first sleeve and it’s going along nicely thanks to some coffee (double portions wheee!) and podcasts.

One thought on “Zissou and an arm rant

  1. Thank you! Oh, and if you could keep up the good work with the coffee universe balancing thingy for the next few weeks it would be fab. I plan on eating double chocolate in October once I’ve ruled that out, so that’s that covered. Just tea and red wine to look after now.

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