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First off, allow me to point out what a great issue this season’s Interweave Knits is. Among other things, there are two great articles about creating shaping in lace knitting by the ever-stunning Eunny Jang. There are also some really nice knits. Not mental knits, just regular things you’d like to knit. I am quite taken with Gatsby Girl.

Maybe it is because I read the Great Gatsby at an impressionable age, or maybe it is because I love the use of cables for a close fit and prudish neckline. For once, I agree with the sleeve length. Long sleeves just wouldn’t suit this top.

I have knit something for my mum for Christmas and her birthday during the last year, and she loved the results so much (see here and here) that I offered to knit her another Christmas present. I just can’t face another shawl, so when I saw this picture in a magazine, I showed it to her. (apologies: webcam)

It is a ribbed, double-breasted cardigan with a roll-neck. I was going to order the pattern but I think I might take on the challenge and try and do it myself. What could possibly go wrong! LOL! Despite all the things I know are going to go wrong on me, I think it would be a good idea. Remember that ridiculous purple jumper I knit that could have fit a baby elephant in the bottom of it but required a snake’s head to get out the neck? Well, this will be Take 2 because I propose using the same wool 😀 Hey, I have two giant egg balls of that yarn and I think it’s a nice colour for my mum.

Thirdly, allow me to alert you to this week’s issue of Woman’s Way. There are two weekly magazines on sale that have knitting patterns – Woman’s Way and Woman’s Weekly. Now, the former is somewhat less old fashioned than the latter, but the patterns are usually pretty good. I’m hoarding them, mostly because Woman’s Way is only about e1.20. Check out what’s in this week’s (again, webcam).

Nice, n’est pas? Woman’s Weekly has a tendency towards a lot of stuffed animals, which I despise, so I don’t buy it as much as Woman’s Way. Keep an eye out on both, though, sometimes you can find some really nice things! If you are into sewing, I highly recommend Prima too. They have a free sewing pattern every month and it’s usually really decent and straight-forward. The magazine itself is good too. Sort of a mix between Bonne Santé and Good Housekeeping.

Last but not least, check out The Leaky Cauldron for Potter News. I’d forgotten about it over the summer and am enjoying the kitchness of the site again! *digs out half-blooded prince yet again*

PS Right Front Granny Smith is done! Sleeve a haon already started!

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