Electric Picnic was great fun. After spending considerable time on Saturday looking for the Knitting Tent in the wrong place, I happened upon it by accident on Sunday. This was convenient because Alb wanted to sit on the stool, drink some beer and watch the excellent Irish acts on at the Big Tree, and I wanted to sit and knit for a while. I’m very bad at introducing myself. In fact, if I hadn’t met Lisa or Sharon, I probably wouldn’t have told anyone who I was at all :} It was very excellent to meet those two ladies because I got to thank Lisa in person for the 3.5mm Addis (just two sleeves to go on the Granny Smith, y’all) and realise that Sharon is the same Sharon from the Yahoo group mailing list I’m on. Lisa is knitting a very cool chevron cardigan out of Noro Silk Garden.

In my inimitable style, I totally forgot to bring a camera. Really, that wasn’t the least of it because after I’d left the house, I had to go back for pyjamas, my toothbrush, a towel… etc. So I have no pictures of anything, but you can check out lots of social pictures here and here. I didn’t bring any knitting with me because I was afraid it would get lost or hurt (you know what I mean). So I got to fool around with the yummy stuff the girls had brought along to the knitting tent. I produced a pointy-headed teapot shape.

tres fiere

Picture courtesy of Sharon! Btw, I don’t usually look that manic.

Anyway, the good news is that SnB meetings are being moved up to twice a month. There are weekly meetings out in Rathgar and in Santry, but I live in Glasnevin and don’t have a car, so I’m confined to things happening in the city centre. The even better news is that the meetings are moving to upstairs in Barnies on Westmoreland Street, which is right beside my bus stop, the first and third Saturday of each month. The next one is September 23rd.

Progress! Who wants to see my progress! Check out some funky, if blurry, Pomatomus socks. Courtesy of the web cam. I must have the shakes this morning or something.

Also! I am very nearly finished the Right Front of Granny Smith.

This cardigan seems to be taking forever. I don’t know why. I think I will knit my Lace Leaf sweater from Loop-d-Loop next because it’s knit on 9mm needles and will be a bit quicker. Ah yes, mohair lace is slowly losing its charm (but not for long).

In other news, I have shed some students that I would have had to start teaching this week. Two students I am a bit sorry to leave but have passed them on to a friend of mine who needs the work, so it’s not all bad. The other student has an insane mother who I was dreading ringing all summer. I cannot describe how horrible this woman is. I totally chickened out of ringing her and left a message instead. (Note: if you don’t want to talk to someone, but want to leave them a message, dial the prefix, eg 087 or 086, then 5, and then the number, it will go straight to their voicemail. Very useful.) She hasn’t rung me back so I take it for certain she got the message. She’s the kind of person who will keep ringing you until she’s gotten what she wants. If you send her a message, she won’t reply. It’s her way of saying she got the message. You see? You see?! So I am feeling very happy today.

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