I never thought I would say this… but… I think I have too much wool. I know! Incredible! I packed my suitcase to come back to Dublin today and three quarters of it was full of wool and wool-related books. I think I may have finally crossed the line.

I think it was the sheer effort of squeezing wool and wellies into a suitcase that made me forget to bring my camera back. I recall making some sort of justification for not packing it earlier in the day, but I remember remembering that I would need it. Either way, I don’t have it so I’m going to have to ask you to close your eyes (not yet! in a minute!) and imagine really hard what a three-quarters finished Pomatomus sock looks like 😀

A see-through Wellington story

My parents got back from holliers last night. I asked my mum that 1. only if she was in the area and 2. if they weren’t more than e30, to call into this wool shop and see about some plastic, see-through wellies I’d seen while I was in Berlin (they passed through Berlin, you see). I figured it would be a long shot. Anyway, since my Dad’s the one with great German, he found the shop. He told them I’d been there (I’m positive they remember me. I was in there twice, and the first time I’d been examining felting needles up really close and a woman came over and I’m pretty sure she told me not to poke my eye out in German. The second time, I had the woman climbing on a chair and ladder to get the colour of mohair I wanted down from above the shelves. Hey, I bought it, didn’t I? I don’t feel bad and she didn’t fall :D). He asked them about these fabled see-through wellies. They just stared at him and said, where did she see them? We haven’t had them in stock for ages! In fact, I was rooting through this basket under a sewing machine which was under a box of something or other. I thought it might be discount sock yarn but all I found was one see-through welly. Thus the quest began! Anyway, one woman went out the back and was there for ages (this is ages in Dad-Time. Ten minutes is just a drop in the ocean for me when standing in a wool shop)… but managed to come back with their only pair… that just happened to be in my size lol. My Dad asked, well, how much? And the woman who found them went off and asked, and since they were a bit beaten up looking (so she said; to me they look fine) he got them for e8.95 😀 Horray! They are fabulous and I can’t wait until it rains so I can wear them and show off my Pomatomus socks. I brought them with me back to Dublin… but I don’t have my camera so you’re just going to have to imagine again.

I think I will bring a little disposable camera to the Electric Picnic and take some snaps for the social pages 😉 Stay tuned! I won’t be back until Monday.

4 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Hi Aileen!

    Had a great time at the Electric Picnic today and it was lovely to meet you 🙂 Thanks for stepping into the breach and being willing to teach a few people while you were there. You had a nice little fan club going 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed the music and the rest of the festival in general.

    All the best,


  2. I was looking forward to meeting you Aileen but must have missed you at the electric picnic, I was keeping an eye out for you as Robin said you would be there….
    Next time you are in Dublin drop into the SnB meeting!!

  3. Wow, you/your parents made the shop think about this. Now they offer see-through wellies as well as see- through boots. Unfortunately the wellies are only in kids´sizes and everything above fits only the boots. *sniff*
    They´ve put all of these in the right half of the shop, next to the mirror, opposite the handspun wool. So your request changed something, be proud! ^_^

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