December 10, 2005

Hot Cross Buns!

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i’m not a big fan of starchy foods, but i can never turn down a hot cross bun. stick it in the microwave for 20 seconds, cup of tea, hot raisins and currants: the perfect winter treat. here’s one steaming away nicely, blissfully unaware of its fate.

hot cross bun

i’ve never made hot cross buns before, so if you’re like me in thinking they’re just glorified currant scones, here’s a proper recipe. i’m going to put it on my list of things to make while i’m at home for Christmas.

this brings me to something that has always puzzled me and always leads to heated argument whenever i talk about it: what is the difference between a raisin, a currant and a sultana (might as well throw it in)? they’re all supposed to come from the same fruit, right, so how come they’re all different! i’m making myself mad just thinking about it!! thankfully wikipedia has the answer… before i go upsetting my tea in confused rage… are you ready for the truth? *drumroll*

a raisin is a dried grape. a currant is a dried zante currant, which is a type of seedless grape. and a sultana is not a pale, shrivelled-up, unidentifiable fruit in a turban, wizened from miles of travelling just to be in my hot cross bun…. it is a dried green grape and it’s bigger than a currant but smaller than a raisin. thus the dried fruit hierarchy goes: raisin, sultana, currant. which means the raisin gets the turban!

in knitting news, i turned the heel on my second green sock last night, but i was talking to mum while i was doing it, and somehow it turned out so pointy only a witch could wear it.

green sock heel


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