Knitting round-up

My knitting has grown exceptionally dull in the last few years. I think it is the result of so many years of exuberant sweater knitting – I still have very few sweater needs. As my working life has changed, so too has what I want from knitting. A lot of the time, I just want something nice and simple. So, this year, there have been a lot of socks…

Welsh Country Socks

Rainbow Socks

Red ones

Navy ones

…a few hats…


…and without pompom

A few jumpers:

One for my dad



I also knit a plain pink raglan that I never took photos of, as well as this black monstrosity…

…which I had to rip out. I still haven’t reknit it. I finished a linen top and even blocked the pieces!

But I have yet to seam it – once autumn came I had no real impetus to finish it up.

My knitting hopes for 2014 are to knit a little more and to show more! I have an exceptionally fine and well-curated stash and I want to work out of that more. Do you have any knitting hopes and dreams? Share with us!

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