Another new year

Thankfully they just keep on coming! I hope your winter break was a pleasant one. Mine was full of sleep and not much else. I did squeeze in a walk by the sea when I was in Galway. How nice of the kite surfers to come and entertain me.


It’s been extremely stormy here recently, thanks to the polar vortex over north america – all the depressions that are usually pushed further north of us are now hitting us dead on. Luckily for me, Dublin is about as well-insulated from such weather as you’re going to get right now, but others on the west coast are not nearly as fortunate.

Anyway, how about a round up of last year’s makes and breaks? First up, my most worn items… I wear my orange and white monkey top and green Moss mini constantly. I wear them all the time at home. I love the fit of the top and the skirt is a perfect basic for everyday. As far as summer sewing goes, my May, June and July outfits were in constant rotation thanks to our good weather.

July outfit

Other really useful makes were my Juniper linen/cotton pants and my daily things – the tray cloths, hankies and coasters that I use every day.

Some of my favourite makes are unfortunately ones I haven’t been able to wear a lot but are still things I reach for given the chance. I love my May outfit and, though I wear the blouse a lot, I don’t have much opportunity to wear the pencil skirt.

I am most proud of my September outfit because I drafted most of it myself. And I adore my green Cambie dress and matching jacket. It was a labour of love, that jacket, but it’s perfect.

Other notable mentions include my blue silk blouse, which I have worn a tonne!

…and my poor grey cape which I have only worn once.

I actually adore this cape and if I only make one resolution this month, it will be to find ways to wear this more.

There have been some duds but overall I think there’s a pretty good make-to-wear all the time ratio. Knitting roundup will be next!

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