Hooraah I am in Dublinia! Just a quick stop-over but it is lovely to get reacquainted with my piano (I’m sure my neighbours think it is less lovely) and know that in a little over a week’s time, I will be back here doing my thang. But in the meantime, I have been alerted to the Library Bar knit-meet tomorrow afternoon! Joy! I will actually be able to make it! I am dead happy about that – plus I have lots of knitting to do with me.

I am also getting very excited about going to the Electric Picnic. There will be lots of knitting there at the Knitted Picnic and it is the first time I will have camped at a festival! I have been to Witnness and Oxegen a few times but always got a weekend pass and bussed in and out. Those times, I was seriously intent on seeing most of the acts, and if I recall correctly, we only had one beer apiece at most of them 🙂 This time however, even though I really dig alot of the act I know that are playing, I’m really just looking forward to getting into the proper festival atmosphere – one last knees-up before the winter.

I even have my dad’s woolly jumper and a psychadelic checkered pair of black, white and yellow wellies to wear 😀

So, stay tuned for news of the Library Bar knit-meet, my trip to This is Knit and photos of my wellies when I get home 😀

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