Eve of the Eve

I’m home for Christmas. In talking with others during the weekend about Christmas, it struck me just how varied and personal each and every one of our Christmases are. However and whatever you celebrate, I wish you a peaceful yuletide and safe passage should you be travelling.

Now, blessing imparted, let me tell you what I’ve been busy with. I had very little making required for present-giving which, though unstressful, have the rest of my making an unexpected demented edge.

Firstly, prompted by a dismal day wherein I mortified myself with my very worst playing in front of a panel of distinguished musicians, I retreated to This is Knit. Truly, there is no place more comforting. I bought the biggest, woolliest wool I could find and cast on the moment I got home for a giant cowl. It was an epic knit.


… and one that practically consumed my head.


Unfortunately I kind of like turning my head from time to time so I ripped it out and have almost finished a longer and shallower version!

Secondly, I decided last week that it would be fun to make an outfit for Christmas day: something festive but rewearable, something fairly snug but unrestrictive. I’ll show you the whole thing when I wear it in the day itself. For now, here’s a peek at the skirt.


I was about to finish the top I made to go with this but craziness took over. I ordered this cheap jersey to make a muslin but when it arrived, it was surprisingly pretty. Queue crippling expectation to make a good job of the muslin (thus defeating the purpose of the muslin, which in my book is where I get ALL my mistakes out of my system). Thankfully, despite my many (many) mistakes, it has turned out quite wearable. Better photos soon, I hope!


As for my tiny piece of required knitting, the ribbed hat I knit for my dad feel out of my bag in the taxi to the train and I didn’t notice until pulling out from the station. Curses!!!

Christmas Eve is usually a busy, satisfying day here with plenty of hoovering, baking and last minute visits and errands. However you fill your day, have a good one and stay out of the weather if you can (a depression of 926 is due to pass just to the north tomorrow!).

2 thoughts on “Eve of the Eve

  1. I hope you have a great time too! That outfit looks incredible. Here, we just had an 80 degree day so the feeling of Christmas still hasn’t appeared yet. It’s pretty much summer here!

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