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It’s been very start-stop on my Unprouncible sock, but I’m getting there. It’s been nice weather the last two days so I’ve been going to a small park beside the Cathedral in town with my knitting. Today I got over-eager and started decreasing for the toes an inch too soon! So I had to rip back when I got home and reknit it.

I am just about to start the toe shaping again. It’s looking good though! Many people stop on their way through the park to remark on my knitting, how nobody does it anymore, and a sock! of all things! Is it yourself it’s for?

My Granny Smith is suffering slightly from lack of attention but the Left Front is nearly done now. This shows the neck shaping. Thankfully I remembered that front pieces don’t have two neck sides 😉

I am going up to Dublin tomorrow evening for a lesson on Saturday, so I’m hoping to get lots done on the round trip!

My Secret Pal emailed me there during the week and mentioned that there is a Sheep and Wool festival on in Ballymena, Co. Antrim, this weekend over August 25th and 26th. I wish I could go! If I was still living in Dublin, or even staying the whole weekend I would probably take the train up and hope for the best. The best details (ie patchy) I can find about it are here. If anybody reading this goes, do please let me know what it is like as I would be really interested in going next year.

So I will have some time free on Saturday after my lesson, and I am planning on taking a spin out on the ole 7 to Blackrock and having a goo at This is Knit’s new shop… and say hello. I’ll have my Granny Smith with me so I will be able to show off the good use I’m putting their 3mm Addis to 🙂 Check out what they’ve got going on for the Electric Picnic. Yay! Knitting at the Electric Picnic! (Did I mention that I have a ticket? I’m going with Alb :D)

2 thoughts on “Progress and News

  1. Hi there, your potototototomathingie sock looks fabulous. I’m hoping I’ll knit them some day. Can’t wait to see them and the Granny S. done!
    Tonight me and Boyfriend Dear saw ‘The Wind That Shakes The Barley’ too, gosh… sigh… what a good film. Great acting and very informative for a non-irish girl who can hardly keep up with all the politics.

  2. Hey, pop in and see us at the Electric Picnic – we’ll be in the Big Tree section on Saturday and Sunday.
    This Saturday there’ll be a group of us in the Library Bar in the Central Hotel from about 1ish if you’re in the city centre.

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