Gangster pants and old mittens

I’ve had students doing exams recently so I’m popping by with some phone photos until I make time to take better ones!

I finished up a pair of lined navy pants last week. There was a minor crisis when I realised, after I’d sewn in the lining and finished it up, that there was no denying the waist band was too large. So… I dismantled the whole thing and set it right. I’m glad I did because I’m very happy with the outcome.


I’ll talk more about it, my modifications and wonderings, when I show better photos. Pants are strange things. Needless to say, I made them to go with my new brown shoes and when I put them on, I realised I looked like one of Al Capone’s henchmen.

The other thing I have to show are mittens I finished during the summer. Actually, I spun the red yarn for the mittens last winter and knit them up fairly quickly. However, I found they were just too thin to wear on my bike and decided to give them a lining. Of course, this took me ages to get around to and when I did, made them so tight that my thumbs would go numb. Eventually I ripped them out and did a better job during some summer lull.


They’re pretty great. I used my own ‘hands up’ pattern and just extended it and worked sock toe decreases for the top of the mitten. I used Drops alpaca for the lining and knit it on 2mm needles. I picked up stitches along the top of the cuff on the inside.

That’s it for today!

2 thoughts on “Gangster pants and old mittens

  1. Gangster pants, ha! Those mittens look warm. I’m really enjoying your blog these days (a recent find), the things you make are always pretty and beautifully finished.

  2. Love your blog! I don’t always comment. Your sewing and knitting projects are amazing! I love those mittens!

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