Stash Special

As promised! Here is a goo at some recently acquired stash.

First out of the blocks is something I got quite a while ago. It is Wendy’s new Fusion. I bought three 50g balls in this mental colour with the goal of knitting another pair of handwarmers (from SNBN) and the Bzzzz hat (also from SNBN). I started this armwarmer because I didn’t have a sock on the go, so since I started the unpronouncible socks, I haven’t knit on this 🙂

Here is the gorgeous off-white mohair I was on about – Sirdar Blur. It is 30% mohair, 70% acrylic and it is wonderfully soft. If you love the fluffy quality of mohair but don’t like the scratchiness, this is a really good medium. I don’t like the patterns they’ve got for it, but there are loads of things in past Rebecca and Phildar magazines that you can use it for. The jam in the middle there is a little ball of angora. It is Adriafil Carezza, 70% angora, 10% wool and 20% polymid. It is deliciously soft but it was too expensive to buy any amount of it. To me, it is souvenier yarn of a lovely afternoon and trip out to Cliffony with my mum’s friend Mary.

The green here is just some cheap-o acrylic I picked up to make Katie Knits’ razorshell camisole. I haven’t knit it yet but I’ll probably whip it up in January when I need a cozy vest. The blue is one of two balls of plain ole Regia 100% sockwool. The colour’s nice 🙂

Last but not least, here is a funny book that I picked up in an even funnier little bookshop in Sligo today. Since I am finishing up on Friday week, there is no point in me working up time (long story – it’s to do with Flexitime), so I have been taking leisurely lunch breaks. Today, I decided to visit this shop which is a little bit out of the way. Such bizarre books on cross stitch and machine knitting! Unearthed from somebody’s granny’s house from the 1800s no doubt. Anyway, I dug the book on Traditional Scandanavian Knitting, which for e6.50, was pretty good value. I have been mysteriously drawn to the wonder that is Scandanavian Knitting recently – see picture from this Autumn’s Interweave Knits! As I said in my last post, I am unsure whether this is a style that would suit me. In my mind, I team a jumper like that up with a dark wool or denim skirt, black tights and funny shoes. I’m still not convinced though.

The unpronouncible sock is fast turning into the unmentionable sock: I have gone awry yet again!

I did manage to rectify my error but now I have two stitches more than I should. I’m never one to give up in exasperation but this one is staying in my knitting bag until I develop the steel needed to sort this one out. Oh woe! I’ll have to knit another one to match!

As for ye olde Grannee Smithe, I ended up not having to rip back too much and got cracking on the armhole shaping like there was no tomorrow. However….. I chose to temporarily disremember that a Left Front should only have one armhole shaping 😀 Here is the correct, well-reprimanded, Left Front.

I’m going to splash out on one last pile of books before my money runs out and I’m back to college. I have a good bit saved up for college now so I don’t feel so bad about it! I have been stockpiling for the the long and poor winter ahead.

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  1. LOVE THE GRANNY SMITH!! I’ve been thinking about making those socks myself…love the blue!

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