Neckwarmer for chilly weather

It’s turned decidedly more wintry in these parts lately, with biting wind and low temperatures. It’s a good thing, so, that I finished this up recently.

I’m not sure exactly what got me on to the track of wanting to knit something like this but down the rabbit hole I went.

The pattern I used was September Set, or 150-19 from Drops. The pattern also includes a matching beret and mittens.

I used Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester in DK from This is Knit. I decided to change the grey in the pattern to brown and matched most of the other colours to the pattern. If I remember correctly, I got two balls of the brown and one each of the other colours (dark pink, light pink, white). I ended up needing just a tiny bit more of the dark pink and light pink and so now have more than enough to make a matching hat of some description.

What I really like about it is a slight adaptation I made, which was to knit the ribbed neck until I ran out of yarn. It is super long and very, very snug.

I don’t like a draught on the back of my head so I often tuck my hair into a scarf and pull it right up to my ears.

I blocked this by steaming it with the iron. It worked surprisingly well. The only thing I regret is perhaps not using a slightly bigger needle size – colourwork is pretty inflexible when it comes to stretching over the shoulders and sometimes this rides up. It’s not grave and certainly something I can live with. I think I used a 3.75mm. I probably should have used that for the rib and gone up for the colourwork. Oh well! It is still toasty and warm for weather like this.

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