August 19, 2006

Pretend Progress

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Bah! I thought I’d been plowing ahead with my unpronouncible sock (aka Pomatomus)….

…see? But after picking up all my stitches for the rest of the foot, I have gone wrong with chart B. I am half way through it, at row 11 and I am six stitches short. I realise now that I have been leaving out the extra bit detailed on the chart for the left side – but at the time, there were no extra stitches to knit for the left side. So I am confused. I am too tired today to do anything with it. I know that it’s not wise to tackle any sort of lace problem in this state! But I have to show you the transition on the back of the leg from the lace pattern into the heel flap. It is really nice.

In other Granny Smith news, I have knitted too much on the left front before doing the armhole shaping so I will have to rip back and correct it. I haven’t had a chance to do that yet. So much I want to do, so little time!

I got the Autumn issue of Interweave Knits there during the week and I’m really enjoying reading it bit by bit in bed every night. I think knitting magazines should have more articles – like Spin Off! That is a really great magazine that I enjoyed reading when my SP sent it to me, even though I don’t have a clue about spinning. I like the intarsia sweater on the front cover very much but am rather reluctant to take on an intarsia project. It’s not intarsia knitting or anything, it’s more the knowledge that it probably won’t suit me the way it suits the model. There’s something pretty nerdy about intarsia sweaters and you really have to be the right person to pull it off. I’ll think about it!

I have been settling back today – put on a wash, tidied up my room, uploaded my photos to the computer, had a good sleep, messed up my knitting with tiredness :} I am freaking out about my practice because I have been so tired during the week that I’ve been finding it very difficult to get anything done. I just had a nap and I’m going to try and get two good hours done before the 9 o’clock news. That’s a goal!

Another goal I have got to get underway with is my final parcel for my Secret Pal. She’s been very poorly this summer – she had pneumonia of all things! I was hoping to pick up all sorts of goodies for her in Germany but came back with less than I’d hoped. However, the September issue of Simply Knitting came out here this week and it is really good, so I think I’ll parcel it up with Knitting which is out next week, and last month’s Sandra. I have that blue mohair that I bought in error – but I have just realised that I have sent her a different type of blue mohair in each parcel lol! Can you sense the obsession! Stay tuned for what I eventually come up with :D

Here’s something for you to look at: Leigh Radford’s site. She’s the author of One Skein and frequent contributer to IK. Pretty things!



  1. I know you say the socks have gone wrong, but they still look really funky :D You’ve inspired me to cast on again soon for mine again!

    Looking forward to seeing all the Berlin piccies, but do your practicing first! ;) Good luck with it.

    Comment by Bryony — August 20, 2006 @ 08:19

  2. Oh, but the socks are gorgeous! My shoes are Clark’s Originals, and the doctor told me that they are not quite as good for my feet as I like to think. But I do love them.

    Comment by glitzfrau — August 21, 2006 @ 16:59

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